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Cameron Michael Ties

Lavender Skinny Tie


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Contrasting textures remains a straightforward way of putting together an outfit that fits in anywhere. Our Lavender Skinny Tie is ideal for you getting dressed once for the entire day.

From the office to happy hour, job interviews to first dates, look great virtually anywhere. Purple is making a comeback as a guy’s color again, and it’s already enjoyed by:

  •         Bradley Cooper
  •         Chris Hemsworth
  •         Chris Tucker
  •         Daniel Radcliffe
  •         Darren Criss
  •         Jamie Foxx
  •         Nick Canon
  •         Nick Jonas
  •         Robert Downey, Jr.
  •         Steve Martin
  •         Terry Crews
  •         Thomas Rhett
  •         And many more hunky guys.

However, unlike the bold suits you see on the red-carpet runway, our tie stays subdued. The softer shades and textured cotton add an air of elegance to more casual outfits.

You can easily rock the preppy school look or business casual by wearing this tie. You’ll find it the ideal addition to virtual any outfits or wardrobes, including clothing for:

  •         Wedding Parties
  •         Milestone Birthdays
  •         Friends’ Outing
  •         First Impressions
  •         Business Casual
  •         Pitches and Presentations
  •         Reception Desk
  •         School Events
  •         Springtime Colors
  •         Winter Pallets
  •         Brighter Hues
  •         Darker Shades
  •         And more daily occasions.

Purple has always offered a touch of royal elegance, even with your more casual outfits. From sweaters to dress slacks, you will love how your tie pairs with it all.

When you want to dress for any occasion, our Lavender Skinny Tie solves many fashion needs.

Styling Benefits

  •          Suit Appropriate
  •         Button-Up Shirts
  •         Youthful Vibe
  •         Playful Pallet


Wear with Tan:


Wear with Black, Gray:




Material: 100% Cotton

Fabric Care: Imported, Dry-clean Only

Dimensions: 2 5/8" wide x 58" long


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