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Cameron Michael Ties

Gingham Plaid Denim Blue Lapel Flower


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Increase your suave factor by 10% with this spankin' new lapel pin 😎

Coordinate with a Pocket Square:





Traditional Suits to Match: Grey, Charcoal, Black, Khaki, Navy

Bold Blazers to Match:  Royal Blue, Pink, Taupe

Material:   Cotton

Specs:  1 1/2" wide

How to Wear:  Meant to be worn on your left lapel.  Unscrew the closure and stick the pin through the buttonhole on your lapel; or pierce the fabric if there is no buttonhole there.  If you want to display the closure on the outside of your lapel, stick the bottom of the pin back through the fabric before screwing the closure back on.  And just like that.  You're on your way  😊


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