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Now thru Monday: 30% off store wide! Use coupon code SUMMER30. Clearance items excluded. Now thru Monday: 30% off store wide! Use coupon code SUMMER30. Clearance Items excluded.

About Cameron Michael Ties

About Cameron Michael Ties

*This post will also be published in the main menu under "ABOUT."


We are a guy named Chris; his loving, patient wife; and two beautiful, amazing and strong-willed kids.


Our mission: To provide exceptional menswear and a first-rate customer experience.

Our Vision: To create a world where more men feel comfortable expressing themselves through fashion.


We hunt for neckties and accessories for men who want to stand out (and wives who want to dress their husbands nice).

With a heavy emphasis on being not-bland.


1: We Are Uncommon

We are for the different, the unique, the particular (or those who want to be). Your tie, lapel pin, socks – something you wear from us will make it at least 62% more likely that they'll go: "Hey, that guy seems interesting."

You are here because you don’t want to walk into a room and see another guy dressed like you. That just kills all your steam 🙁.

That said, you will not browse our selection and find the same stuff you see in department stores. We do carry the staples, of course (like these blue ties).

Even then, we spruce it up with the accessories.


Figure A:  Blue Tie With a Bunch of Really Cool Accessories


2: We Provide Exceptional Customer Service

I know the pain of working for a company that had terrible customer service policies. I started this company in part as a way to (finally) have the freedom to treat customers right.

In that vein: You will always be able to find what you need with ease. We will constantly put outfits together in ways you may not have thought of (and present them as options). You will always be happy with the packaging. And you will never have a problem asking a question or making a return.

We want you to walk away from every interaction feeling warm and fuzzy. No exceptions.

3: We Believe in "No Gentleman Left Behind"

Young and old, wealthy and working class, everyone in-between; folks the world over want to dress nice from time to time. So we have something for everyone.

Fancy new tie for your anniversary dinner. Gift ideas for your teenage son. Or a brand-new "Hey! where'd you get that?" tie that suits your budget (simply because you're sick of all your old ones). Whatever you’re looking for … we got it (or can get it quick!)

(As an example, you can find $20 ties here. $30 silk ties here. And $100+ handmade luxury items here).


Chris here (Hi). Welcome to my "ABOUT US" page ☺️. Let me tell you briefly the three things that got us this point. I'll break it up into three acts.*

*Of course, if you don't find our backstory all that interesting, you can always go back to the homepage 😄..

Act 1: Exiting the World of Sales

Though I've long had a penchant for men's fashion (I've spent 2-3 days a week in a suit and tie for as long as I can remember, and loved every minute of it), I wasn’t always in the men’s fashion industry. I started out in the world of hardwood flooring sales as a career.

Relationship and consultative-based selling became second nature to me. I worked my way up to a sales & management position.

It was a good job. It paid well. But soon enough I had a young family.

My job situation was no longer ideal. I wasn't home as much as I wanted to be. And when I was, I rarely had the mental and emotional space needed for my family. "OK. Do I need to make a change?"

Act 2: A Chance Meeting at the Right Time

It was about this time I happened to meet Samuel the Nigerian Tailor. He showed me some ties he was making. Hmm.

As it turns out, these were some beautiful, colorful, no-one-else-is-wearing them ties. I realized I could pair my love for creative expression with a desire to spend more time at home.

I decided to leave the flooring industry and use my creative eye to help gentlemen express themselves through style. “Burn the ships,” in the words of Hernán Cortés. I called Samuel and said, “Let’s do it. Make me a bunch of ties.” We were off.

Act 3: Pedal to the Metal

Thanks in large part to my wife's steadying hand (the one time I didn't listen to her was when I bought my first batch of ties. I'm not sure how much stock I should've ordered but whatever it was ... This. Was Way. Too. Much 😨)

... as well as unsolicited advice from my 4-year-old (I had to get her a sketch pad so she could draw out design ideas); we finally rounded out the collection.

Armed with African ties, some traditional ties, and high-end fancy stuff out of New York, I stepped down from my position in sales & management. We had ourselves a legit tie company to run.

We've made minor changes and added some accessory items in the meantime. But at the core we're still the same company we were three years ago.

So stick around. Subscribe to our Newsletter (You'll get entertaining articles, blog posts and exclusive sales there). We want you to have a good time here, and find some stuff you'd be proud to wear. Welcome to our little tribe ☺️.

- Chris B. & fam
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    Chris Brasfield

Comments on this post (2)

  • Apr 30, 2020 thanks so much for the kind words! And for reading my long-winded post lol

    — Chris B

  • Apr 30, 2020

    I have placed two different orders and have bought 4 ties total from Cameron Michael Ties. All ties were floral print. All original and I got good compliments on all of them. My favorite was the Floral Feathers tie. It goes perfect with my blue suit.
    Chris is great. I recommend getting your ties from this website. You’re getting quality products and they are unique products. Mostly likely you wont run into someone wearing the same time tie (it’s happened to me and its embarrassing lol).

    — Julio Alonso

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